Man Dies From Rare, New Disease Associated With Tick Bites

Years ago, medical experts at the University of Kansas Hospital admitted a patient who was said to be a farmer from the place of Bourbon County, Kansas. The patient is said that he conceived and suffered from an unusual disease.

Man Dies From Rare, New Disease Associated With Tick Bites

Even those doctors who are the best and veteran in treating different cases are unable to specify the reason of failing of his organs.

They already execute all the treatments and procedure just to keep him alive, but after ten days, his lungs failed and the blood pressure of him was collapsed.

However, a specialist in treating and diagnosis of various infectious disease at the hospital in Kansas. She is Dr. Dana Hawkinson, who revealed that the patient is suspected a tick-borne illness. This is what she said:

“We didn’t have an answer for the longest time as to why is he not getting better? What is causing this?

Nothing that we’re doing is seeming to help even though we’re going to the nth degree to try and give him supportive care and give him active care to try and get him better.”

The blood tests are obtained at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that there is an existence of a new pathogen.

This infectious virus is more similar to overseas illnesses spread by mosquitoes and ticks. They named the disease."The Bourbon Virus."

After three years of the study and discoveries of this illness, it remains a guessing cases of mystery. About a year later, a second case was reported in Oklahoma.

According to Dr. Hawkinson, other cases might have gone undiagnosed. These are the mild cases and symptoms: Muscle aches, headache, chills, fever, malaise, nausea, and vomiting.

Prior to testing for the Bourbon virus, they require patients to have multiple specific symptoms, like low white blood cell count, high fever, low platelet count and elevated liver enzymes.