Stop Buying Garlic. Here’s Step-by-Step Guide To Growing An Endless Supply Of Garlic

A lot of individuals love the taste of the garlic when mixed with a specific dishes that requires this spice. It has a delicious, fragrant, and healthy combination as it is described.

Stop Buying Garlic. Here’s Step-by-Step Guide To Growing An Endless Supply Of Garlic

People are satisfied with its aromatic scent in salads. However, where can we buy the best quality of garlic? You can avail it in the market, but you can grow it in your own garden for best state of its quality.

Why is it recommended to grow your garlic?

It gives an additional tasty flavoring onto dishes and you can use it in every savory dish. It has lots of health benefits that you can't get enough from other ingredients.

It gives you an immunity booster, a healthier cardiovascular system, and positive possibilities of preventing you from different cases of cancer.

Always plant organic cloves, because non-organic garlic is cultivated with chemicals, and won't sprout at all. This is our step-by-step guide to grow garlic in your garden.

You can easily grow garlic in your home garden. It is also possible to grow it in your tiny apartment. Everyone can grow garlic, and it is probably one of the effortless foods to grow.

1. Start planting your garlic cloves in October, right before the ground chills.

2. This advice doesn’t apply to those who will grow garlic indoors.

3. Your oil should be loose and fertile. Put 2-3 inches of organic matter atop the soil. The furrows should be shallow and 6 inches apart.

4. Plant the big cloves, and use the tiny ones for your meals or homemade remedies.

5. Put the cloves 2 inches deep, and 4 inches apart, so that the pointier end is up.

6. Cover the cloves with soil and dirt. Water well, and put dead leaves or dry compost atop.

7. Fertilize your garlic plant in spring. Water the soil only when it’s dry about an inch below the surface. Clip off the flowers to keep the plant strong.

8. Your garlic is ready for use when it reaches 5-6 green leaves.

9. Eat your fresh garlic right away or let it dry hanged in a cool and dry place. Keep it in a dark, well-ventilated place.