These 8 habits Can Severely Damage your Kidney!

The human body relies on all its organs to have a perfect performance in order to have a healthy and operative. The kidney plays a vital role to keep your organism at a healthy level of performance.

These 8 habits Can Severely Damage your Kidney!

The kidneys main function is to filter the urine and waste from your body. Usually, they filtered about 120- 150 quarts of urine or other fluids that are existing in your body.

The kidneys are located in the ribcage on both sides of your spine. Kidney also responsible for taking good care of your bones and erythrocyte levels as well as it keeps balance the blood pressure.

If your kidneys are affected by certain illnesses, the signs are hard to recognize and it will take a long period before an individual to detect any serious health condition in this area.

Numerous factors can weaken the kidney thus a correct care for a kidney is required.

These are some factors that can damage your kidneys:

Overconsumption of sugar: According to some research, the number one enemy of a kidney is the sugar. If you will consume big amounts of sugar you let the protein exists in your urine that signify some kidney problem.

Overconsumption of salt: Salt contains sodium and sodium is the severe enemy of the kidney and it can boost some kidney problems and increase the blood pressure that causes hypertension.

Overconsumption of coffee: Caffeine can cause a high level of stress in your kidney. If this might happen to your kidney, it will start to fail as well the blood pressure will increase significantly.

Lack of sleep: If you have bad habits of sleeping it can harm your kidneys in this way the tissue become more exposed to all poisons present in the body.

Minimal Vitamin and Mineral levels: Kidneys always rely upon to the hydration and solid content of vitamins and minerals exists in your body. If your body lacks one or both if these, the kidneys have a large possibility to suffer from a serious disease. To avoid this situation assure that you have the correct amount of magnesium and vitamin B6 levels are always at a normal level.

Painkillers overdose: Avoid to consume a unprescribed amount of painkiller because it can easily damage your kidney.

Overconsumption of alcohol: It is essential to drink moderate alcohol to avoid affecting your kidney as well as to prevent to some serious health conditions.

Dehydration: It is important that your body must contain the right amount of water because it can help to wash out some toxins in your body.