Tired Of Scratches On Your Eyeglasses? Here are Ten cool ways to remove them for good

Glasses are hugely needed for people who have a blurring sight and unclear vision. For this reason, they tend to pay quite a large amount of cash just to pay for their expensive glasses.

Tired Of Scratches On Your Eyeglasses? Here are Ten cool ways to remove them for good

Unfortunately, we cannot avoid the circumstances where damage and scratches are befalling in our beloved glasses. Obtaining scratches in our lenses isn't unusual as we can put aside that occurrence.

These scratches are usually acquired from sudden fell off from the eyes while you were moving along your standard daily activity, or while walking or running whenever you are getting late in your class or work.

Along all of these happenings, there is nothing for you to worry about those scratches because we have enlisted some home solution for you to remove these unwanted and annoying lines from the lens, obstructing your ableness to sight clearly, Check this out!

1. Baking soda and water

With the use of microfiber cloth for cleaning of your eyeglasses, follow it up by mixing one tablespoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of water in a small container or bowl to create a paste. Then you are now ready to cover all the areas of the lens with the paste you have made. Then after a few minutes rinse it off.

2. Brass polish

Brass polish may help remove shallow scratches and stuck on debris. Just make sure that any product you use on your lenses does not contain acetone, according to Glass Crafter.

3. White Vinegar

This kitchen flavoring ingredient is versatile, as it can clean your eyeglasses. Gently apply the white vinegar with the use of soft cloth into eyeglasses to remove the scratches.

4. Car wax

Rub a little car wax on your lenses and gently scrub with a soft cloth to remove shallow scratches. You may need to wash with water afterward, Glass Crafter recommends.

5. Rubbing alcohol

Covering alcohol merged with a gentle rough, like baking soda or a microfiber rag, will clean your lenses while buffing out small scratches.

6. Buy a scratch kit

If none of these solutions work, you can purchase a scratch repair kit from your eye doctor. The kit temporarily fills the scratch on your lens. You may need to redo the treatment several times before you get your next pair of glasses.

7. Soap and water

When all else fails, a simple solution of soap and water with a microfiber cloth may be enough to do the trick. Try adding baking soda for a bit of texture that won't further damage your lens.

8. Baby wash

You can utilize the baby shampoo for removing scratches by applying it to a microfiber cloth and then gently rubbing the lenses.

9. Glass cleaner and Dish soap

Mix a few dabs of dish soap with lemon cleaner to control and remove stains from your glasses lens.

10. Buff the scratch out with toothpaste

You'll need regular toothpaste (no gel, no whitening, no extra mintiness) and a cotton ball for this trick.

Apply a dab of the toothpaste on the cotton and massage the scratched lens for about ten seconds. Rinse and repeat as needed.