A Complete Guide For You To Achieve Safe and Cleansed Gallbladder That Will Overhaul Your Health

Common issues regarding gallbladder and liver are those type of disease which numerous of people are ultimately fighting, but still, there is an insufficient availability of conventional and reliable medicine from the market that can give a full 100 percent healing.

A Complete Guide For You To Achieve Safe and Cleansed Gallbladder That Will Overhaul Your Health

You may know someone who will suggest removing your gallbladder with the help of medical operations when somehow the condition of the gallbladder stones became aggravated.

This is one of the most common medical solutions for people associated with the term of being a patient, but it need not be like that.

We can describe the gallbladder as a very small organ in the middle part of our body. Despite its being small, it has a huge role in contributing to our body that helps us in digesting the food in the best possible way.

How are gallstones formed in the gallbladder?

The main cause of the formation of the stones in the gallbladder is when too much cholesterol or too many salts are being consumed daily. These small stones form when bile in the gallbladder is crystallized when there is more cholesterol than what the bile can dissolve.

How do you know you have gallbladder stones?

A great method in order for you to successfully cleanse your liver and gallbladder is by reversing the disease with the help of both alternative and conventional methods of treatment.

1. Vertical lines between eyebrows is an accurate sign that you have gallbladder stones and it will only disappear when the gallstones have been successfully removed and that doesn't involve any surgical treatment as per you may know.
 2. Horizontal wrinkles across the bridge of the nose.
Green or dark color on the temple area at the sides of the forehead.
3. Swollen, sensitive or bleeding gums.
4. Pimples or cracks on the tongue.
5. Water eye bags under the lower eyelids.
6. Cataracts- a white cloud that covers the pupil of the eye.
7. Bad breath and frequent burping.
8. Dark spots or patches on the lips.
9. A yellowing color of the teeth, tooth decay
10. Oily skin in the area of the forehead.
11. Hardening and thickening at the tip of the nose.

How to do a gallbladder Cleanse or Flush?

The best way to cleanse your gallbladder is by starting off with a gastrointestinal cleanse first and foremost, this will help in cleaning out the bowels so that if you begin gallbladder cleanse, the stones can be easily removed.

Gallbladder Cleanse Protocol

Usually, a cleanse will take place over 1 week. If you’re unsure, it is best to consult a naturopath or a natural healer who will guide and coach you through the entire process to be sure you’re doing the flush safely.

What You Will Need, To Do A Gallbladder Flush

About thirty-two ounces or one liter of fresh green apple juice for each day of cleanse.
Four tablespoons of food grade Epsom salt dissolved in three 8 ounces glasses of water.
One-half cup of cold-pressed virgin olive oil
Six ounces of fresh grapefruit juice, or fresh lemon and orange juice combined
Epsom salt will help relax the bile ducts to make it easier for the stones to be passed so that you will feel less pain. And the olive oil helps to be as a lubricant for the gallbladder stones to be easily eliminated.

The Week Prior To Cleanse Day

Malic acid in apple juice has a cleansing effect that will help to soften and breakdown gallbladder stones for elimination. Drink at least one liter of freshly extracted apple juice for 6 days prior to the cleansing day. Spread the thirty-two ounces apple juice throughout the day, drinking them on empty stomach.