Be Careful: China Is Making Rice from Plastic (Here’s How to Recognize It)

We go through situations wherein we are bound to hold our needs in order for us to live a standardized life. So, in any phases of our living, we should always be extra careful in choosing such things as necessities in our lives.

Be Careful: China Is Making Rice from Plastic (Here’s How to Recognize It)

If we only have enough knowledge to execute a decent choice in any path we took in ourselves, it has always a major impact on both our health and emotion.

It is sad to know that our modern age at this far moment, brought many dangerous acts to other people just to make a profit out of themselves.

Those people are selfish and insane, they are bringing multiple chemicals in foods including pollutants in the air and soil.

Seemingly we go to the specific situation right now, the Chinese just have invented something even more life-threatening and disgustingly crazy product, this is one of the Viral case being talked this days in the social media:

Plastic Rice! The fake rice is mold and for these daysthe use of these ingredients: potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a synthetic resin or what we called plastic. They all the ingredients together in grains to impose a rice look alike.

Therefore, this article will help you in making sure and avoid becoming one of the victims of fake rice. These are the tips to help you detect if the rice you have bought is fake:

1. When you boil it, if it forms a thick layer on the surface, it is plastic.

2. Put one tablespoon in a glass of water, and if its floats, it is fake.

3. Cook a cup of the rice and then transfer it to a container. Store it on the counter and leave it for a few days. If you see some mold on the rice, it is organic, and if there is no mold. Absolutely, the rice is fake!

4. Strike a match

light a phony grain of rice when you smell something else like the smell of burning plastic or the stench of the sweet potato either of which probably would burn like plastic would burn.