Fruit That Removes Body Odor Better than Toxic Deodorants

Ever had that moment where you wonder if you smell, hmmm. Not so good smell? But believe it or not, sweat can eliminate infections.

Fruit That Removes Body Odor Better than Toxic Deodorants

Some scientist found out that when we sweat, our skin produces a protein which can kill a range of bacteria. It is known as DERMCIDIN.

DERMCIDIN is an antimicrobial peptide secreted by human onto the skin as part of the innate host defense of the immune system.

This compound is also responsible for killing the harmful bacteria, this process ruined by Antiperspirants the bacteria in your skin is able to multiply and continue to grow. It helps to reduce underarm sweating but they do not impact on the natural ability of the body to control its temperature.

Body odor caused by fungi and bacteria that DERMCIDIN didn’t manage to kill. The bacteria continue to multiply in your armpits or sensitive parts of the skin.

Antiperspirants and commercial deodorants contain many toxins which can damage your health that may cause CANCER, REPRODUCTIVE DAMAGE, AND ALZHEIMERS.

We all know that taking care of our body is one of our goals that we need to accomplish. Well, one of our opinions in solving your problem is “Solve it in a Natural way”. Yes!!

The natural way, LIME!!! Lime is considered as one of the effective fruit, it has the ability to stop the odor from appearing instead of just covering it like deodorant does.

It is simple to use. Just get freshly-ripened lime and cut it in half. Rub in into your armpit and let it dry before you put on a shirt. This simple remedy will keep you fresh for few hour!!

And that’s it. Lime can also use as one of the remedies in our daily lifestyle. So I conclude that this remedy may not work as effective as your typical deodorant, but it can at least give such decrease of odorous compounds.