Natural Remedies to treat ingrown toenails at home! Must Read and must Try!

We all know how painful nails and ingrown are. It feels uncomfortable wearing our favorite pair of sandals or even walking because of the red swelling edges of our toe.

Natural Remedies to treat ingrown toenails at home! Must Read and must Try!

If we leave this untreated it can lead to worse abscessed or it can be infected. Some of the symptoms of ingrown infection are fever and yellow discharge if you are experiencing this you should visit your doctor immediately.

Here are some ways to treat toenails at your home:

To have an even and better results you should treat it as soon as possible. Some early signs of infections are accompanied with pain and redness. Try this some home remedies to get out of rid to have a more serious infection:

Soak and clean: Simply place your infected foot in a clean warm water three times a day for about 15 to 20 minutes. The warm water can lessen the pain and it can reduce swelling as The Mayo Clinic stated. After soaking your infected foot, use a clean cotton swab or dental floss to pull the ingrown nail apart from your skin.

Soak in Epsom salts: Add some Epsom salt to your foot bath. The salt can soften your skin and make it easier when removing the ingrown nail, according to Home Remedy Shop.

Vapor Rub: By simply rubbing a vapor rub in the infected toenail can ease the pain. To add with that the healing balm as well is can also relieve the pain and can contribute to healing the infected nails.

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar: Home Remedy shop suggests applying tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your infected toenail can treat it. In addition, you can also inject a mixture of vinegar and honey can also encourage healing.

Keep it clean: Simply applying antibiotic cream and a bandage to keep your foot from absorbing any kind of bacteria.

How can you prevent of having ingrown nails?

Take care of your nails: Always observe proper hygiene in terms of having a regular trimming of your nails avoid having too many sharp edges.

Wear shoes that fit you: If you wear shoes smaller than your actual size it can pressure on the skin at the front of your toes and it can trigger ingrown nails.