Try Slipping a Bar of Soap Under the Covers to Ease Restless Leg Syndrome

Rest leg syndrome is an ailment wherein many are suffering from, thus resulting in delayed works and duties on their daily activities.

Try Slipping a Bar of Soap Under the Covers to Ease Restless Leg Syndrome

It is also known as Willis-Ekbom disease, the syndrome is caused by disrupted nervous systems giving your leg a hard-time in functioning well adding those ache, uncontrollable movement, and feeling of strained.

These symptoms can largely lead to poor sleep as it gives the body struggle in achieving the true relaxation. So what can we do about this issue?

We are here to give you this incredible home remedy that will give you the answer for each of what you are suffering from.

It is confirmed by an excellent health expert Dr. Julian Whitaker that patients under him who have been practiced this method; placing a bar of soap in your bed at night will help you in relieving the symptoms in a vital manner.

The one who wrote the process is Mr. Derek H. Page from the People's Pharmacy, he explained: while it has not yet been determined in a completely conclusive manner, it is theorized that the scent molecules in the soap are capable of evaporating and depositing on your leg, where then the absorption in the muscles will take place and affect your blood supply.

Whatever the reason is, there are always people who have been taken to this reliable and infallible remedy, gradually reversing it into household stocks. Pharmacy took it simultaneous themselves to make a soap bar that is completely flat, in order to be less intrusive in the bed.

The scent of lavender it spread out through the air is also mentioned as a helpful factor for good sleeping. While some other people manage to put it in a free-roaming sock of sheets.

You can also try placing or hiding the bar of soap under your fitted sheets and witness how it works.

Dr. Whitaker recommends stocking up on supplemental calcium, magnesium, and iron, as a deficiency in any of these could be responsible for your aches. Getting your body used to a recurring sleep schedule and minimizing stress are also highly recommended.