8 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Salt

Sodium chloride or also known as salt is one of the important elements to our body. We need salt a  maintain the balance of fluid to our body, to help our muscle to works properly and for nerves to transmit signal. It also helps to sustain normal blood pressure.

8 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Salt

But too much consumption of salt can cause harm to your health. Here are the lists of things you might experience if you consume too much sodium.

Too much intake of salt can cause serious kidney stone disease. When you consume too much sodium the calcium in your urine may increase. When the calcium combined with too much salt it works to your kidney to form a kidney stone.

When you take too much of salt you will also experience swollen feet and hands and distended eyes in the morning. Salt is an element that helps the body to preserve water. Thus, too much water preservation can cause swelling to different parts of your body.

When you consume too much of salt your body preserves more water. According to Blood Pressure UK, excess water raises your blood pressure. Therefore, fluid balance is important to avoid high blood pressure.

In order to your muscles and other organs to work properly you need to, take more fluids to help clear your system especially when you eat too much salt. If your body needs more fluid you will feel thirsty (You need to drink more fluid to avoid dehydration because your body has to draw the water to the different area of your body.) 

Many people love salty foods, when you eat too many salty foods your taste bud will start to crave for more salt in order to satisfy yourself. According to Cleveland Clinic Salt stimulates the desire of your brain and can learn to links the taste of salt and sugar with pleasure. 

Frequent urination can cause loss of extra calcium that weakens the bones. The reason of frequent urination is too much water intake to clear the excess sodium to our body. In order to have strong bones and teeth and to avoid osteoporosis, you need calcium. 

High Blood Pressure can harm your arteries that can affect your brain. High blood pressure is results of too much consumption of sodium. Because it can affect your brain you will experience problems with concentration and or worst it can cause dementia or even blood clot.

According to the study by John Hopkins University when a person consumed 1500 mg of sodium it has 25 percent less risk of a headache compared to those who consumed 2500 mg. But they are not assured of how a headache can cause by too much consumption of salt.

If you want to be healthy and for your body to work properly you have to reduce your consumption of salt. Try to make a proper diet eat lots of fruits and vegetable and avoid eating process foods.