Alert! Throw Away Your Fidget Spinner Immediately - Authorities Release New Report Saying It Can Kill Your Child

Fidget spinner became popular toys today. Many children love to play fidget spinner but they don’t know the harmful effect of this toy to their health. It is made of metal or plastic and consists of balance blades and ball bearings in order to rotate.

Alert! Throw Away Your Fidget Spinner Immediately - Authorities Release New Report Saying It Can Kill Your Child

Some study proves that fidget spinner has massive amounts of chemicals that can harm the health of the people who use it. Most of the Fidgets spinners are manufactured in overseas countries that don’t implement strict quality control.

Researchers claim that if this toy is imported from China it may have uncertainty high amount of lead. But it doesn’t include the entire fidget spinner. Therefore, it is difficult to know which fidget spinner contains harmful chemicals.


Some tests are conducted for us to know how fidget’s spinner harmful to our health. First, they tested 3 fidgets spinner for lead poisoning using an XRF and to their surprise, One of the three fidgets is positive to high levels of lead and also to the high level of mercury.

The next step they do is to disassemble a fidget spinner by means of led lights and they discover that it contained both a high level of lead and mercury.

Science studies claim that anything under 90 ppm of lead is safe to use. Therefore, fidget spinner is not safe to use because the lead and mercury content didn’t pass the required ppm. To be exact, 19,000 ppm of lead and 1,000 ppm of mercury are found.

Some affected fidget spinners are discovered to have 155 ppm of mercury and 334 ppm of lead. And the unpainted metal base contains 2,452 ppm of lead and 1,562 ppm of mercury.

A scientist conducts more test and uses six more fidgets only to see that those from yomaxer which cost 31 dollars contained 42,800 ppm of lead.

EU officials have already removed 200,000 of fidgets spinner to every store and manufacturer. Those removed fidget spinner didn’t pass the health standards which the Union had agreed.

Parents should be aware and be careful in buying toys, in order to make sure that your children are safe with contaminants. You can make your own fidgets spinner and avoid buying for any kind.