Pour 2 Drops Of This Into Your Ears and Say Goodbye To Deafness. This Powerful Remedy Returns Your Hearing To 87%

As we get old our senses are reducing particularly when we are not health conscious, it includes the sense of hearing. Gradually hearing loss problem can affect anyone especially the one who doesn’t have a healthy lifestyle.  It doesn’t require age, sex, and social status to experience this kind of problem.

Pour 2 Drops Of This Into Your Ears and Say Goodbye To Deafness. This Powerful Remedy Returns Your Hearing To 87%

Luckily, there are some natural remedies you can use to help resolve your hearing problems. It can help you to reduce the possibility of deafness. All you need is these two natural and effective ingredients: garlic and olive oil. 



3 garlic cloves

Olive oil


Cotton or gauze


First, remove the skin of the garlic and wash well, then crush very fine and put a few volume of oil to form a liquid.

When you produce a liquefied mixture put it into a dropper and leave for a whole day to get a better effect.

Carefully apply 2 to 3 drops of mixture to the both ears and cover with cotton or gauze. After following all the procedure you will feel that your hearing is gradually recovering.


Reduce Salt

When we consume too much salt the body preserves fluid that can result in inflammation of functional organs of the ear. Therefore, you have to avoid too many salty foods like junk foods or processed foods that sometimes contain a large quantity of salt. Reducing your consumption of salt can help you to avoid hearing loss.

Avoid Loud Noises

When you are exposed to too much loud music or noise the hair cell in your inner ear will damage that can cause gradually deafness. So it’s better to avoid loud noise to prevent hearing loss.

Use Ear protector

When your working area is consist of big equipment that produces loud noise that can harm your ear or you go to a place that is noise it’s better to put an ear protector or earplug to protect your ear from the loud noise that can affect the ears. 

We always hear the phrase “prevention is better than cure” so it’s better to avoid the factors that can cause gradual hearing loss. Just keep your body healthy to maintain the good function of your senses.