Red Onion: Do Wonders For The Thyroid Gland-The Best Medicine,Recommended!

A Russian doctor from St. Petersburg, Igor Knjazkin, discovered the perfect remedy for thyroid gland. The only ingredient in his amazing technique is the red onion.

The numerous benefits of onions are well-known, they kill bacteria and germs, clean the skin and contain phosphoric acid which is highly beneficial. Also, it is extremely beneficial in case of thyroid issues.

We present to you his superb homemade remedy that will significantly improve the function of the thyroid gland.


1. Cut the red onion in half 
2. This should be done before bedtime to allow the juice to leak from each onion half.
3. Massage your neck with this onion in a circular motion
4. Make sure to focus where the thyroid gland is.
5. Do not wash your neck prior to going to sleep

The red onions will ensure that your skin is cleansed and it’s phosphoric acid will destroy  bacteria while stimulating your thyroid gland.