Remove The Fungus From Toenails For Good With Just 2 Ingredients

A fungal nail infection occurs under, or on the nail, it comes from the overgrowth of fungi. A fungi infection also appears anywhere on the body.

Remove The Fungus From Toenails For Good With Just 2 Ingredients

According to AAD (American Academy of Dermatology), Fungi loves a warm and moist environment, this kind of setting causes them to overpopulate. Most often fungi attack the toenails because it is the part of our body that always confined on a warm and moist environment that suit for them to increase and develop a fungi infection.

The risk of infections increases when the fungi begin to grow more. The fungi appear inside and outside of your body additional with some bacteria.

Even a healthy person is not safe in this kind of infection but it doesn’t cause complication to them. Otherwise, it can interrupt normal nail bed development and health; it will hurt, itch, and look bad.

Get Rid of Fungi Nails Forever!

We will show you an effective remedy that you can use to remove the fungi nail infection with the use of two powerful ingredients.

Baking Soda. It has many uses and benefits, especially to our health. Baking soda is a good solution to fungi infection because it serves as a repellent or blocker to the future development and increase of fungi infection.

Vinegar. It’s a kind of acid that can interrupt the existence rate of fungi. Although it’s an acid it can’t cause damage to your skin and nails.



1 cup white vinegar or apple vinegar
4-5 tbsp of baking soda
Paper towels


Combine 1 cup vinegar and water then stir it. Soak your feet for 15 minutes and use paper towels to dry them. In a huge bowl dissolve a few tbsp. of baking soda in water and then put your feet and soak for another 15 minutes. Then wipe paper towels to dry them again.

Repeat the process two times a day. The vinegar will remove fungi and soda will prevent the development of new fungi.

Another Tip: before doing the process, cut your nails first with clean clippers and wash your feet with clean water and then dry well.