Simple Tricks to Remove Stains from Your Clothes and Make Them Pure White

You can get the stain of your clothes anywhere even inside your house like for example if you’re eating or drink some foods and beverages and accidentally pour to your clothes it sticks on your clothes and become a stain.

Simple Tricks to Remove Stains from Your Clothes and Make Them Pure White

Removing stain from your clothes is quite difficult because you have to use detergent or bleach that has lots of chemicals that can affect the original color of your clothes.

The sticky stains on the clothes are sometimes can't remove by some detergent or stain cleaner, even an expensive one. There are many stain removal formula or detergent that available on the market that you can use in removing a stain. It can usually remove the stain but it leaves the chemical that results in the change of color to your clothes especially to the white one.

Instead of buying expensive detergent or bleach try to use other alternative natural solution that you can find inside your house. You may find some of the ingredients in your kitchen. Those natural ingredients are very effective in removing the stain and in addition, it doesn’t contain a bad chemical that can affect your clothes. 

We will show you some techniques using natural ingredients that can help to remove the stain and to obtain again the pure white color of your clothes.


Aspirin is popular known in treating headache and other health problems. Surprisingly, you can also use aspirin in cleaning your clothes. It is effective in removing the stain and helps bring back the pure white color of your clothes.

All you need to do is to take a plastic basin and fill it with water then crush 6 tablets of aspirin and put into the water. Soak your clothes in the mixture and leave for 30 minutes. After soaking wash your clothes with your regular detergent then rinse with water. You will see that the stains of your clothes will disappear and it will be back to its perfect white color.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is very popular remedies today because it has many uses and benefits it is also very effective in removing stains.

Put 4 liters of water in a plastic container add 1 cup of baking soda then mix well until the baking soda dissolve. After dissolving baking soda into water soak your clothes in the mixture and leave for a few minutes and wash them as you regularly do. You will notice that the original color of your clothes come out.

Lemon and Vinegar

You can also use lemon and vinegar in whitens and removing a stain on your clothes it is very effective. 

To form a solution combined an equivalent part of each ingredient. Wash your clothes using the mixture. After washing the stains on your clothes already gone and your clothes will now are as white as new in additional it leaves good fragrance to your clothes.

You don’t need to worry because all the solution is safe and natural and it has no harmful effect to you and to your clothes. You can try all the techniques and I assure you that all the solution is very effective in removing the stain and whitens clothes. We hope that this article can help you to get rid of the problem on the stain to your clothes.