23 Amazing Truths About Left Handed People! We Were Shocked At The 13th One!

Will there be something to adhere to come to be a left-handed individual? This question comes up very often and it is extremely entertaining for everyone. Medicine as a scientific discipline couldn’t provide a specific reason behind that, however in several researches, it was described that it seems because of the link between the genetics and surroundings.

When we discuss the genetics, we do not mean that a set of genetics is in presence just for lefties, what indicates is that the left-handed individual has much more family members that are lefties. Many researches revealed a comparison in the mind wirings among righties as well as lefties.

Additionally, very important to point out is that left-handed folks should adjust continuously into the entire world of the right-handed folks, that makes lefties to be more independent.


It is now time for you to discover and to comprehend some brand new, interesting details about lefties.

Just 6 to 12 percent of the individuals on the planet tend to be lefties.

Alcoholism is a very poor and harmful habit to get and lefties are in a 3 times larger danger to become alcoholics.

In sports such as baseball, swimming, boxing, tennis and several more, left-handed folks provide very high quality whenever playing.

Around 40 % of the greatest tennis players on the planet are left-handed.

An interesting simple fact is that left-handed individuals hit puberty significantly later, around 5 months following the normal period. In addition, left-handed individuals usually make use of the right part of their mind.

College students that are left-handed have much better chances with becoming rich opposing of the right-handed folks. Their own possibilities of achieving are about 26 percent higher.

4 of 7 US presidents happen to be left-handed.

“Lyft” indicates something damaged or weakened and it has Anglo-Saxon basis. Additionally, the word left arrives from this word.

Left-handed individuals were bad people during the past. Like individuals with symptoms about expressing neurosis, rebellion, such as devil individuals, people who show bad routines, homosexuality and criminal behavior. However, the actual bright side is the fact that left-handed individuals were people with great characteristics with expressing music abilities as well as creativity.

As we stated before 6 to 12 percent in the world are left-handed. However, animals like pet cats, mice as well as rats tend to be identically separated in the percent when it comes to lefties and righties.


128 may be the percentage that provides a chance to a female who is pregnant within her Forties to get a left-handed newborn. Opposing to a lady who is pregnant within her 20s.

Another interesting fact is that out of four Apollo astronauts, there has been one who was the leftie.

Lefties are much better in mathematics, spatial recognition and architecture. And righties are much better when it arrives to the actual verbal abilities, shown through some studies.

Asthma as well as allergies are the kind of illnesses that can impact left-handed individuals much more compared to the right-handed ones, due to a study produced. That indicates that lefties ought to be very careful as well as protect their own health.

Some 30 million people in America tend to be left-handed as demonstrated with a study once made.

Left-Handed Day is the day associated with left-handed individuals, it is the time when they commemorate and happily say that they are left-handed individuals. I mean exactly how interesting are these claims? Their big day is on the 13th of August.


If lefties have their dominating hand sprained, broken or any other thing occurred towards the hand, lefties can learn to use their own right side in no time, as they are quick learners. They learn this faster compared to actual individuals whose right hand may be the dominant. A fact described by many medical professionals.

Right-handed individuals don’t have issue with insomnia just as much as left-handed individuals have.

Dresses, decades, tesserae, and sweater are extremely long terms. They are among the longest which we can write with using our left side only on the keyboard. Really interesting, right?

In the UK, Royal Family members there are a few people who are left-handed. Like Prince William, Queen Mother, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II.

Seeing below the water is really a piece of cake regarding lefties as opposed to the righties.

Jack the Ripper, Osama Bin Laden and The Boston Strangler had been famous as well as probably the most searched criminals. You know what, these people were all left-handed individuals.

Left-handers as well as right-handers tend to be totally different in comprehending and experiencing the emotions. Lefties turn out to be distressed quicker than righties. A good instance to describe this is one of the greatest tennis players ever, John McEnroe simply because he was getting angry fast, whenever playing.