7 Powerful Turmeric Recipes To Improve Your Health, Proven By 7,000 Studies

Turmeric is an excellent spice, and it has proven its worth many times in more than 7,000 studies conducted in the world. Apart from giving a special taste of food, turmeric has a lot of benefits for which we are going to talk about in this article.

According to a legend, on the night when Jesus was born, the wise men from the East brought him myrrh, frankincense, and gold. If you look up at old texts, a lot of people think that turmeric was a frequently used spice and it was considered as worthy as gold.

Besides being mentioned in the Bible, an Ayurvedic medicine used this spice for hundreds of years. Even two thousand years ago, people in China used turmeric.

In addition to the nice taste, turmeric is effective in cleaning the blood. In the past when a kind would get poisoned, medical practitioners would give them turmeric to help them survive because the spice would clean the body from the poison.

Even though turmeric has been quite popular around the world for hundreds of years, the Western Medicine needed a longer time to understand it and use it.

In the last thirty years, the USA has learned about the amazing benefits of turmeric. There are about 7,000 studies from all over the world about the advantages of turmeric.

Contemporary Poison

Back in 2014, there were revealed about 42,000 new toxins in our world. And, that is definitely shocking. But, where do we get all of these chemicals?

They are hiding in the air we breathe, shampoos, toothpaste, cosmetics, cleaning products, water, air fresheners, even the food we consume. Some of the chemicals may be safe, but most of them are harmful, they disrupt our endocrine system.

And, this is system is in charge of emitting many hormones in our blood so they would be taken throughout our body.