New Study Warns Cooking With Aluminum Foil Is Unsafe

New health fears over cooking with aluminum foil. Since its popularization, aluminum has found its way into many different parts of our modern lives.

The highly useful product is used in everything from car parts to deodorants, but there are fears that we are being exposed to too much aluminum, and one of the biggest culprits is in the kitchen.

Aluminum foil can be a god-send for many recipes, and achieving a perfectly broiled fish, or a crispy chicken would be impossible without it.

But cooking with so much aluminum foil could be doing untold damage to our bodies.

A new study has shown that even being exposed to small amounts of aluminum can increase neurotoxicity, and that it gets into our bloodstream mainly through cooking.

The study highlights the dangers between aluminum and brain health, stating:

“Immediate steps should be taken to lessen human exposure to Aluminum, which may be the single most aggravating and avoidable factor related to Alzheimer’s Disease.”

This 2012 study found that on average, people are being exposed to six times the amount of aluminum recommended by the The World Health Organization.

Worryingly it has also been found that aluminum is one of the substances that is able to cross the blood/brain barrier, meaning that it can easily pass into the brain from being in contact with our body.

The study says:

“…aluminum salts can be absorbed by the gut and concentrated in various human tissues including bone, parathyroid, and brain.” and “aluminum health effects are far too vast to even being summarized.”

We are exposed to aluminum in many other forms such as aluminum cans, baking powder and even many vaccines.

If you regularly cook with aluminum foil, consider switching to a different alternative. Baking parchment can be used as an effective sheath for meals that require covering, or switch to ceramic or non-stick cookware.