What Alcohol Consumption Does to Your Brain

We are constantly reminded of the dangers of illegal drugs, hearing stories about lengthy prison terms for people caught with even a few grams of cannabis, but alcohol is the drug which the government think it is OK for you to consume.

In actual fact, alcohol does way more damage than marijuana ever could – it is practically impossible to overdose of marijuana yet every week someone dies due to alcohol poisoning.

A 2017 study published in The BMJ has shown just how closely brain problems and drinking alcohol are linked.

From the study

“The study followed 550 men and women for 30 years, measuring their brain structure and function to determine how alcohol use affects the mind over time.

What they found is that the more people drank, the more atrophy occurred in the brain’s hippocampus, a seahorse-shaped structure in your brain that plays a role in storing memories.

The highest risk was for people who drank 17 standard drinks or more of alcohol per week. But even people who drank moderately saw an elevated risk for cognitive changes.”

Alcohol not only had a negative effect on your body, it is one of the worst things you can do to harm your mental health.

Many cases of depression are closely linked with alcohol consumption, as people to drink as a way of escaping, which then leads them into a downward spiral.

One of the benefits people document when they quit drinking is just how clear headed they feel , something they didn’t realize they were missing out on before.

The negative effect drinking even in moderation, alcohol has on the hippocampus is shown to cause problems such a slurred speech, memory problems and even blackouts.

As this study has shown, there are many detrimental long term effects to drinking alcohol, but society seem to have accepted them as drinking alcohol is drug that we are allowed to indulge in.