1 Tablespoon Of Olive Oil And 1 Squeezed Lemon Will Make Wonders For You!

The stressful and busy lifestyles we live these days are surrounded with dangerous chemicals and toxins which aren’t good for our health at all.

They only accumulate in our body, so our colon, kidneys, liver and other organs are impeded and can’t work properly. Also, different health problems appear because of toxins.

That is why it is really important to be able to prevent serious health problems, but in order to achieve that, we first have to detoxify our organism.

Olive oil and lemons are the best combo we can use against this problem. This is an extremely powerful natural combo that improves our immune system, so we are able to fight different internal and external dangers.

Here, we’re presenting you one of the most popular cleansing drinks we can consume.

The natural oil obtained from an olive fruit through extraction is called extra virgin olive oil. It is abundant in different nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Lemons are among the best fruits we have since they’re abundant in vitamin B, C, different proteins, carbohydrates, phosphorous and potassium. They also contain a lot of flavonoids which make them amazing and powerful antioxidants.

You just have to combine the same amount of olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice and consume 1 tablespoon of this every day. You’d better take it in the morning and fill your day with fresh energy!

Here are some of the benefits that this everyday routine will offer to you:

Improves heart health- it’s full of fatty acids which decrease the bad cholesterol and improve our blood circulation.

Balances our gallbladder and liver – It’s an amazing detoxification remedy that will help us against heaviness, swelling and tiredness

Fights digestion- The bladder function will be activated and the digestive mucosa will be lubricated.

Improves our hair, nails and skin health- It’s a remedy with very strong astringent and antiseptic qualities that will help us control dandruff, treat different skin problems, strengthen our nails and make our hair healthy and shiny

Treats rheumatic or articular pains
- It’s a remedy with strong anti-inflammatory properties which helps us against this kind of pain.

So, why don’t you start taking this remedy every day? Your health will improve significantly in a very short period!